Thursday, January 8, 2009

Outing- Cameron Highland

One sweet day within school holiday.
Tak ada perancangan main redah aje.
On the way try to call well known hotel.
Well, what do we aspect. Padan muka masing2.
Last2 tido kat IPOH. Nasib baik ada geng, dapat gak hotel.

Early in the morning terus shoot ke Cameron via Simpang Pulai. Sunday, school holiday -Tringkap, Blue Valley, Kea Farm, Brincang, Tanah Rata...traffic jem tu. Even nak park pun leceh.

My two Philipine tourist.

Photos below mostly was taken within Old Smoke House.
Having our lunch here before continue our journey back home via old road.

P/s - this entry especially to Mr. Nishad in Qatar - have a nice view

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nohas said...

Mcm kenal je that girl yg posing sama2 kat dpn public phone London-style tu..artis DDD..