Thursday, March 5, 2009

Savanna Condominium - Bukit Jalil

Savanna Condominium - Bukit Jalil

Located opposite the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil and close proximate to the LRT station. Newly completed and people start moving in and doing renovation. Consists of 2 block, i.e. Block A and B with 408 units. Service charge RM0.20 p.s.f.

As advertise the asking price is RM350k for 1,211 sq. feet. Purchase price RM269,689 in 2006.


Minister Of Mind said...

kalo sewa rumah kat sana ..berapa eh?

fzy fuzzy said...

RM1,800 per month. Itu yg diberitahu oleh management opis la...For this kind of condominium with all facilities, mesti ler lebih dari RM1k sebulan

Rush Murad said...

fzy, rm1800 tu partly furnished ek? meaning cuma ada kitchen cabinet? i tgh cari rumah sewa ni, kalau boleh area setiawangsa... and nak landed property, sewa ard RM1500... tolong carikan ekkk...apa2, u sms me.... tq!

fzy fuzzy said...

ok, i'll find out for u nanti i sms