Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colmar - enchanted moment

Colmar Tropicale is the unique French-themed attraction at Berjaya Hills. It stands 2,600 feet above sea level on 80 acres of natural forestland. The first of its kind in Malaysia, it is modelled after the 16th Century Colmar Village in Alsace, France and has retained the authenticity and European feel of its counterpart. Submerge yourself in the French countryside ambience at Colmar Tropicale as its beautiful architecture and furnishings bring you back to times of yore.

The lifestyle at Colmar Tropicale is highlighted by many attractions whether you arrive singly or with a family. Kick back with a cigar at Le Vin Wine & Cigar Bar and marvel at the lively street entertainment and exciting stage performances from local and foreign artistes.

For photo snappers, Colmar Tropicale is a haven with the castle drawbridge at the entrance being a favourite. Watch swans along the moat, sit around the square's fountain, wishing well and climb up the viewing tower for a grand spectacle of the resort and the picturesque cuckoo clock tower hich was designed after the Riquewihr Tower, France.

The true attraction of Colmar Tropicale is apparent. The spirit of hospitality and welcome is epitomised by warm and helpful personnel to ensure your holiday here is seamless, by providing all the necessity comforts and needs. Bask in a holiday here with comforts like your dream home away from the norm. Live up the atmosphere at the resort for a holiday experience beyond compare, only at Colmar Tropicale. (courtesy of Berjaya Group)

"Love bird" - Ahaks

Anak sedara i ni wish badan dia ada sikit kurus.
(The wishing well)

The 2 black swan

The Japanese Garden


nohas said...

Wow...mcm kat Perancis je..namapun the Colmar..the black swan tu yg unik..

Snow Peace said...

tu kang kalau tak kuyus jgn plak ader yg terjun kat dlm perigi tu...hehehehehhe

fzy fuzzy said...

nohas - malaysia ni banyak tempat menarik, samada kita nak pegi atau tidak aje. Nak p perancis depa buat mcm kat perancis, nak p jepun depa buat japanese garden, nak p new zealand pun bole p, sebelah felda koyan je.

snow peace - nak terjun dalam perigi? rasa2 takut tak muat mulut perigi tu..harharharhar