Friday, February 20, 2009

Country Heights

Country Heights is an exclusive residential area comprising detached residential plots built upon with individual architectural design detached houses. Instead of detached plots, there are Country Villa (townhouse units) and 2 on-going development namelys as Widuri Villas and Seri Banyan.

Country Heights is sited in close proximity to the Kajang toll Plaza, which is the entrance and exit point from Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Highway. Beauty of Country Height is most of the houses built without fencing. Security quite tight and 24-hour petrol.

Land value p.s.f is approximately more than RM70. Average land area is 15,000 sq. foot.


orangbukit said...

Country Heights..hmmm..beverly hills of M'sia..pernah value banglo yg designnya dollar sign $$ kat situ, poning kepalo den..

fzy fuzzy said...

Jgn kata dollar sign...mcm2 design ada. Furthermore, earlier concept mmg tak der fencing. sikit punye ramai...masih nak pasang pagar...alahaii.......