Monday, July 4, 2011

50 Million!!!! - banyak tu!!!!

Anyone yang terlebih duit, bole lah dump 50 juta ringgit for this Super Penthouse. Lokasi???? - Tak jauh, dalam Malaysia ajer. Lebih spesifik dalam Kuala Lumpur okeyyyy....

Memandangkan aku malas nak translate, korang baca la ajer ek yang aku copy paste ni which being post to my email.

RM 50 million seems scandalous for a condo without any garden as few landed mansions command that kind of price. In fact, I cannot think of any bungalows that cost that much, even if the land is several acres with enough space for swimming pools, stable, tennis court, fountains, gazebos and your own golf course! After paying, you can't even move in with your toothbrush as the entire 4 floors are empty and resemble an abandoned construction site. You will have to wait at least 10 months for your contractors and interior decorators to fix the place and make it habitable.

Then again, this is the ULTIMATE condo in Malaysia and one of the finest in the world and comparable to New York which can cost RM 100 million.

At RM 50 million for 19,180 sq ft spread over 4 floors with your own infinity pool and two private lifts, one opening onto your 42nd floor and another serving just your four floors from living room to rooftop, this Super Penthouse commands both breathtaking views and price. Sounds like New York or London but it is right here in Kuala Lumpur !

The Super Penthouse will be delivered to you as an empty shell. Devoid of even a single shingle. All you get for RM 50 million are naked ceilings, bare concrete floors, exposed wiring and not even railings on the staircases. You will also get an elevator card key and water in the pool which may need to be drained, chemically treated and refilled.

As your lift card key opens only at your 42nd floor, theoretically you do not even need traditional doors since your access card acts as key and the lift will function as your door! Only those with your access card can stop and open the lift on your floor. Security cameras will record any intruder who has entered illegally.

Considering Malaysia is blessed with ample land to build humongous bungalows, a RM 50 million price tag for a non-landed property seems audacious. Indeed even mansions with acres of garden big enough to create your own river do not command such a jaw-dropping price.

At this rarefied level, one can safely assume this Super Penthouse without a gram of earth to call your own must be in KL’s most prestigious condo. The Binjai is acknowledged as Malaysia’s trophy property as Petronas has wisely made sure it is the sole residential condominium in Kuala Lumpur City City aka KLCC. Apart from the mantra ‘location,location,location’, The Binjai offers a guaranteed, uninterrupted view across the 50-acre parkland all the way to Petronas Twin Towers .

As the park is gazetted as public park, having a new condo tower built in front of The Binjai and obliterating its prized views is as likely as winning the lottery ten times in a row. Possible, but unlikely!

While other condos live in permanent fear the parking lots in front might get transformed into a soaring tower and blocking their views while forcing owners to suffer three years of dust and din of construction, The Binjai’s residents can stroll direct into KLCC Park !

The Binjai, named after the binjai trees that once dotted the area in the good old days, is owned by Layar Intan, subsidiary of Petronas which owns the 100-acre, 20 million sq ft integrated mixed-use commercial, retail, hotel, convention and entertainment space of which half is KLCC Park. With Trader’s Hotel, KL Convention Centre, Mandarin Oriental and Suria KLCC shopping haven a leisurely stroll away, you can practically shut yourself from the rest of KL.

For those lacking bodyguards or PA’s while shopping, Louis Vuitton and their kind will deliver your goods to Binjai’s reception. Residents enjoy synergy and tie-ins and you can even order room service from Traders and Mandarin Oriental.

The Binjai’s two towers of 45 and 44 storeys at 170 metres high is living life in the international fast lane. “Living at The Binjai on the Park is no different from the attentive level of lifestyle one gets living in upscale Manhattan or central London ,” explains Hashim Wahir, director of Layar Intan. “We are unique for three reasons. The Binjai is part of KLCC which is a global landmark and enjoys the status and stature of being part of an international icon. Residents enjoy direct access to KLCC Park with over 1,900 indigenous trees. Thirdly, residents enjoy unobstructed, full length views of Petronas Twin Towers from the moment they enter the lobby. Every unit has a balcony with incredible views of KLCC!”

As KLCC was built from scratch, The Binjai was positioned to directly face Petronas Twin Towers . Nearby condos can claim to be in the immediate vicinity but usually only some units enjoy great views while most get semi, partial views or even none if your unit is facing the opposite direction. Nothing irritates more than paying millions of ringgit only to see two spires without the rest of the building or just one of the two Twin Towers .

With every unit facing KLCC, even the lobby astounds as the Twin Towers loom skyhigh and are reflected in the ornamental pool and even on the polished marble floor. Just as well management has thoughtfully placed wall settees for your guests to collapse and catch their breath.

Unlike some luxury condos with driveways fit for a Kancil, The Binjai’s entrance is big enough for an impressive sweep by your Rolls-Royce or Maybach.

p/s : Credit to person who own the photos.


KSWSK said...

50 mill tuk bare finishing...lau ada benda2 lain gamaknya bape la

fzy fuzzy said...

Tu la sebab pemaju bagi bare aje, sbb org kat malaysia ni suka buat renovation even baik punye design dah bagi. Kalau pemaju buat takut tak kena taste pembeli, maklumlah dah spend 50M. Kut2 bakal pembeli tu suka bali style ker, tropika style, oriental style, etc. Better biar bare. Up to the buyer.
Kalau pemaju buat ikut "in" terkini mau dia jual dlm 53M kut. OMG, OMG! OMG

fzy fuzzy said...

Lagi satu, block sebelah, super penthouse gak tp built-up area kecik sket dah jual dlm 38M. Uish!! sapa la yang banyak duit sangat tu ek....

nohas said...

Fuyoo..kaya to burn..x kluar rumah mcm ni..